3hr sitcom script discussion in my media writing class this morning=Seinfeld clips and a ’90s panel discussion featuring Larry David. 😍 I love college.  (at Creative Arts, San Francisco State University)
Thank you, Fatima! This photo of Iggy Pop and his anonymous black girlfriend makes me waaaay happier than it probably should 💔🔥👅✨ #Raw
Garbanzo bean curry hand pie. Like, are you serious? 👌 #vegan #NoeValley (at Peasant Pies)
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A little bit of waaaaaater: San Francisco edition.   (at The Ave Bar)

This is my life now. 🎶📚💃 I never know what’s just down the corridor and around the corner. Now, if only I can find room 128 where my freakin group is meeting!! (at San Francisco State University)

"…You gon get there. You gon get everything you ever wanted, baby. That’s my word. Trust." —Nasty Nas, @nasnyc  (at Flowers of the Valley)
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